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Congratulations to the Sarnia-Lambton Youth Suicide Prevention Committee on the production of this video. Created to showcase youth reflecting on their experiences and what it means to be engaged, they share stories about joining the committee and the positive impact it has had on their lives.

The Sarnia-Lambton Youth Suicide Prevention Committee formed as an offshoot of the Sarnia-Lambton Suicide Prevention Committee 3-4 years ago following several deaths by suicide among youth in the community. Youth advocates rallied and pushed for support in response to these deaths. The availability of grant funding from the Ministry of Children and Youth Services has allowed this youth-specific committee to grow in numbers, collaborative efforts and community impact through the development of the Sarnia-Lambton Youth Suicide Prevention Plan.

For more information visit: Sarnia-Lambton Youth Suicide Prevention Plan

If you are feeling suicidal or you are concerned about someone else who may be suicidal please contact your local crisis line or counselling centre.