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Prior to World Suicide Prevention Day 2014, the WHO released a global report on suicide detailing information on suicide from 60 countries but less than half of those countries have a national strategy.  The report, called Preventing Suicide: A global imperative, states that over 800 000 people worldwide die by suicide, that’s 1 person every 40 seconds.  The report also states that for each of these deaths, there are many more attempts that go unrecorded and often unnoticed.  Not only that, but prior suicide attempts is the single more important risk factor for suicide in the general population.

Although Canada does not have a current National Suicide Prevention Strategy, the Mental Health Commission of Canada challenged the 308 Members of Parliament to conversations with their constituents this summer.  These #308 Conversations are allowing Canadians to come together to discuss what we feel is needed in order to have a comprehensive, supportive National Strategy.

For more information on the WHO Report or the Mental Health Commission of Canada, go to or

If you are feeling suicidal or you are concerned about someone else who may be suicidal please contact your local crisis line or counselling centre.